If you have already signed your child up for a pre-ballet class, congratulations! Your child is on their way to being better able to express themselves, connect with others, and find joy in dance. If not, perhaps you’re here to find out exactly what pre-ballet is or what benefits a toddler or preschooler might get out of these pre-ballet classes.

What is Pre-Ballet?

Pre-ballet is an introductory ballet class for young children. These classes are a great way for your child to learn creative movement and basic ballet techniques they can build upon in future classes.


In pre-ballet, students will learn basic techniques and terminology such as the 5 basic ballet positions, how to use a bar, and good ballet posture. While pre-ballet is not as rigid and structured as later ballet classes, it does introduce many early concepts of disciplined dance that will support later ballet progress.


Most importantly, however, pre-ballet offers a fun and engaging introduction to ballet that helps young children develop a genuine passion for dance.


Preparing For Your Child’s First Class


It’s important to buy your child proper ballet slippers that fit snugly but are not too small. Their feet should be able to relax, fully extended in the flat. Traditional ballet shoes are leather or canvas on top with a suede bottom. Since children in pre-ballet grow quickly, they are not typically expected to wear top-quality footwear–inexpensive ballet slippers work just fine for those quickly-growing feet.


It’s also important that your child is potty trained and you let them know what to expect for their first class. Tell them who their instructor is and what they will expect from your child. Let them know there will be other children learning ballet for the first time just like them. Tell them to expect that they will do some fun stretches at the beginning to warm up, and talk about some of the things you think they’ll love most about their new pre-ballet class.


Benefits of Pre-Ballet


Whether you expect your child to continue with a passion for ballet or simply hope to give them a new way to wear off some energy during the week, pre-ballet offers several benefits to young dancers:

  • Creativity. We love pre-ballet for toddlers and preschoolers because it helps to foster creativity in a structured and engaging environment. If your child has difficulty expressing creativity, pre-ballet can help open them up to a more creative mindset.
  • Balance & Flexibility. Young children grow quickly, which can mean they often experience stages of clumsiness as they adapt to their new, longer limbs and changing centers of gravity. The skills children learn in pre-ballet can help them develop strength, balance, and flexibility to more confidently control physical movement as they grow.
  • Team Participation. For many children, pre-ballet is their first foray into a team sport. They will learn to be aware of the other children moving around them, how to work together in group practice and choreography, and the importance of remaining focused and on-task in a group.
  • Ballet Basics. Finally, pre-ballet also offers a great foundational introduction to ballet. In a high-quality pre-ballet program, you can expect that your child will be introduced to basic ballet terms, skills, and techniques that they will be able to build upon in future classes.


Even at a young age, children who dance will gain strength, confidence, and even more emotional awareness when they are nurtured in safe environments. There are simply too many benefits of pre-ballet to name them all in this blog post, so jump over to this blog article to read more!

Pre-Ballet At Central Utah Ballet


Are you looking to enroll your child in a reputable ballet school in Utah? Then you’re in the right place. The wonders of ballet unfold to young learners (ages 3-5) in pre-ballet classes at Central Utah Ballet. In our classes, through a gentle and fun introduction to dance, your child will develop a love for ballet! Pre-ballet is specifically designed for young minds and is only taught by our most experienced teachers. By being introduced to age-appropriate skills in a fun and engaging environment, your child will have a positive first ballet experience.


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