The journey from the studio to college dance programs is a transformative experience for young dancers, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their pursuit of artistry. Central Utah Ballet (CUB) stands as a beacon of excellence in dance education, providing its Senior and Junior pre-professional companies with the necessary tools and unwavering support to make this transition a resounding success.

A Foundation of Excellence

Central Utah Ballet is committed to laying a strong foundation for its dancers’ futures. From the very first plié, every student is guided by skilled and experienced instructors who impart the essence of dance technique, artistry, and discipline. The ballet company places a high premium on instilling a love for dance while fostering an environment of dedication and determination.

Supportive and Dedicated Teachers

At the heart of Central Utah Ballet’s success lies its team of skilled and dedicated instructors. These incredible mentors recognize each student’s potential and strive to help them reach their fullest capabilities. By fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, CUB ensures that students feel encouraged to explore their creativity and take bold steps towards their dreams.

Individualized Attention

One of the hallmarks of Central Utah Ballet’s approach is its commitment to providing individualized attention to every dancer. Each student receives personalized coaching and feedback, enabling them to refine their skills and address areas of improvement. This personalized touch plays a vital role in building the self-confidence and resilience necessary for the challenges of college dance programs.

Seamless Transition to College Dance Programs

Central Utah Ballet goes above and beyond to prepare its dancers for college auditions and admissions. As students progress through their pre-professional training, they receive expert guidance on choosing the right college programs that align with their aspirations and talents. With their skilled and experienced instructors by their side, the transition to college dance programs becomes a seamless and confident leap towards their professional dance dreams.

Central Utah Ballet Director, Jennie Creer-King, strongly encourages dancers to consider a College Dance Program that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  The four years of additional training and development allows artists who want a professional career in dance greater opportunity to be prepared.

“Most of Central Utah Ballet faculty have degrees in Higher Education.  Many doors opened to me that I would have never imagined with a combination of Professional Experience Dancing and both a BFA and MFA in Fine Arts.” Says Creer-King. “One of the greatest privileges as a ballet instructor/director is to help facilitate the transition from High School to a College Dance Program. Central Utah Ballet has developed a comprehensive program that trains dancers in a way that ensures options when they graduate High School. I have been inspired and delighted watching dancers I have trained move forward both professionally and graduating with degrees from Universities all over the country.“

An Unwavering Support System

During the transition to college, Central Utah Ballet continues to serve as a reliable support system for its students. The bonds formed between dancers and their instructors run deep, and even as they step into the broader world of dance, the guidance and encouragement from their mentors remains constant. CUB ensures that the journey doesn’t end at the studio but evolves into a lifelong pursuit of excellence in dance.

Central Utah Ballet’s commitment to its students’ growth is second to none, with skilled, strong instructors acting as pillars of support during their time at the studio. CUB has been the nurturing ground for countless successful dancers, and its legacy continues to shine bright. As young dancers prepare to transition into college dance programs, they carry with them the invaluable lessons, artistic integrity, and confidence instilled by their time with CUB.

For parents seeking to nurture their child’s passion for dance, Central Utah Ballet offers an unparalleled opportunity for artistic growth and personal development. Enroll your young children at CUB and witness them flourish under the guidance of skilled instructors who will pave the way for a bright future in the world of dance.