Kids Ballet Classes

Central Utah Ballet offers a number of ballet classes for kids. Each of these classes is designed specifically to offer the best classical ballet education available while helping our students develop a genuine passion for ballet.

Ages 3-5Ages 6-12

Central Utah Ballet’s Ballet for Kids Programs

Central Utah Ballet offers ballet programs for children 3 years old and up. Our kids ballet programs include a toddler/kids program for ages 3-5 and a children’s program for ages 6-12. Central Utah Ballet also offers Junior and Senior Company/Pre-Professional Trainee program that builds students’ skills further and prepares them for college or professional ballet opportunities.

Kids Pre-Ballet for 3-5 Year Olds

Central Utah Ballet offers a pre-ballet program for kids ages 3-5. These programs are offered in once-a-week sections that last between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the age. This ballet program is fun and engaging, helping young kids learn ballet basics while developing a love for the art.

What makes Central Utah Ballet’s kids ballet programs different from other ballet studios is the instructors. Most ballet studios will put their youngest, least experienced teachers in charge of ballet classes for the youngest students. However, this can often result in improper technique or form or lack of discipline.

At Central Utah Ballet, we do the opposite. We know that early ballet classes create the foundation not only for the child’s experience with ballet, but also for all future technique and ability. That’s why we put our most experienced instructors in charge of our young kids’ ballet programs.

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Children’s Ballet for 6-12 Years Old

The Children’s Ballet program is for kids 6-12 years old. These classes teach classical ballet at a developmentally appropriate pace. We are cognizant of keeping a balance of fun engagement while also ensuring your child is getting a real classical ballet education.

Our goal is not only to help your child develop an excellent base of ballet technique, but also to help them develop a genuine love for ballet.

  • Children’s Ballet 1 is for kids who are 6 years of age. It includes a one-hour class per week.
  • Children’s Ballet 2 and 3 are for children ages 7-9 and include two classes per week.
  • Once a child reaches Children’s ballet 4-6, classes are longer and students will attend up to 6 classes per week. These classes teach not only ballet technique but contemporary and pre-pointe as well.
  • Please note, a placement class is required for Ballet 2 and up.

The children’s ballet classes at Central Utah Ballet include several performance opportunities. This includes a main stage performance and parent observation performances. Competition opportunities are available—talk to an instructor for details.

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Why Choose Central Utah Ballet?

Parents choose Central Utah Ballet for their children’s ballet programs because of the quality of the programs, experienced instructors, and reputation.

The curriculum in Central Utah Ballet’s kids ballet programs is designed by ballet legend and Central Utah Ballet founder and director, Jennie Creer-King. Jennie has decades of experience in the ballet industry. She has an extensive background in ballet education and curriculum. Each ballet program at Central Utah Ballet is designed to give your child the best ballet education possible.

Jennie has handpicked some of the most talented and experienced dance instructors in the state to teach at Central Utah Ballet. This incredible team of instructors means each child receives a top-quality ballet experience.

Although Central Utah Ballet is a new school, Jennie Creer-King and her team of instructors are well known throughout Utah and the ballet community. Their reputations mean your child is well-connected to ballet opportunities in Utah and across the United States.