Ballet Classes Utah

Central Utah Ballet offers a range of ballet classes for students ages 3-18. We also offer adult ballet classes!

Central Utah Ballet in Lehi, Utah

Central Utah Ballet is a fully comprehensive, classically-based ballet program for Utah youth seeking ballet classes. We chose to create a ballet school in Utah because we truly believe there are exceptional opportunities for ballet dancers here. Between the amazing University of Utah School of Dance, the BYU Theater Ballet program, and Ballet West, Utah truly has stunning professional and scholastic ballet opportunities available.

At Central Ballet, many of the instructors of our ballet classes have had experience in many of these Utah ballet programs. This means students can often benefit from the relationships of these instructors for their ballet pursuits. Besides experience in Utah, many of our instructors have national and international experience as well.

Ballet Classes in Utah

Central Utah Ballet offers a number of ballet classes for our students right here in Lehi, Utah. Our classes begin at age 3 and extend into adulthood. Our ballet classes build upon each other, helping students progress their skills year-over-year. However, students with previous ballet experience will be able to find the best program for them through a free placement class. Click below to learn more about each of our classes.


Our Pre-Ballet program is often the first ballet class our young students will take in the art of ballet. It will introduce them to ballet and give them foundations for ballet technique–while helping them learn to enjoy dance and the discipline of ballet.

Children's Ballet

Our Children’s Ballet classes help young students build upon their ballet skills. At Central Utah Ballet, our children’s ballet classes span from ages 7-12, with more advanced classes requiring a placement class for enrollment.


Our Pre-Professional ballet classes are for students interested in dance scholarships or professional ballet careers. This program is divided into a junior and senior company with a wide range of ballet and preparatory classes each week.

Adult Ballet Classes

Central Utah Ballet offers adult ballet classes for adults looking to brush up on their contemporary or ballet skills. These classes are intermediate and are a fun way to meet new friends, get a good workout, and enjoy a creative outlet for those who love ballet.

About Central Utah Ballet

Central Utah Ballet is a classically-based ballet studio located in Lehi, Utah. While the school is brand new, opening in August of 2020, the professionals behind it are not. Owner and artistic director, Jennie Creer-King, has been in the ballet industry for over thirty years. Not only has she danced professionally, but she also has significant experience as an instructor, choreographer, principal, and artistic director for multiple ballet programs.

Central Utah Ballet offers a range of ballet classes intended to help young students perfect their classical ballet training. We seek to poise them for future opportunities in their education and careers.