What Age Can Toddlers Start Ballet?

Toddlers can start ballet as early as 3 years old. However, most ballet studios will require that the child is potty trained. These early toddler classes will typically be shorter than ballet classes for older children, usually around 30-45 minutes long. These early toddler classes will teach basic ballet terms and early foundations, help introduce children to the studio and following along with an instructor, and help them learn to dance alongside others.

While starting your child in ballet early won’t necessarily give them a leading edge in becoming a prima ballerina, it is a great way to begin building a foundation for future skills. In addition to early ballet foundations, your toddler will also experience additional benefits from starting ballet early.

Benefits of Starting Ballet Early

Toddler ballet offers many amazing benefits, physically, emotionally, and socially.

1. Muscle Strength

One of the benefits of starting your toddler in ballet early is that it helps them to develop muscle strength. Toddlers are called “toddlers” because they “toddle” as their muscles are developing to carry their growing body as they learn new skills like walking, climbing stairs, jumping, and—of course—dancing. By engaging your toddler in ballet lessons, you’re providing an opportunity for them to develop muscle strength to help them engage in these new physical activities. 

2. Physical Activity

Another benefit to starting your toddler in ballet as early as 3 years old is to start building foundations for an active lifestyle. Engaging your child in early physical activities can help reinforce the love for an active lifestyle. This is especially true when the activity has a social aspect, such as dancing with other little dancers!

3. Focus

Three-year-olds do not typically have very long attention spans. Enrolling them in an early ballet program gives them the opportunity to practice this skill. For this to be effective—and not frustrating—for your child, the teacher will have to be experienced in teaching ballet to toddlers. Make sure your teacher has significant experience instructing dancers of young ages and ask for their methods to keep children engaged throughout class.

4. Discipline

For many toddlers, this is their first experience with an authority figure that is not their parents. Your child will encounter many other teachers, coaches, and leaders over their childhood. This is a great opportunity to teach introduce them to the concept in a fun, easy environment. With one weekly class lasting only 30-40 minutes or so, the ballet class will give your toddler an early introduction to the idea of listening to an adult besides their parent. 

5. Self-Confidence

Ballet is also a great way for children to build their self-confidence. During ballet, your three-year-old will be introduced to new skills. They will practice these skills each week and, eventually, improve! Experiencing the joy of learning something new and getting better at skills with practice will help to increase their self-confidence while also reinforcing a “growth mindset.”

Explore Pre-Ballet Programs

Central Utah Ballet offers toddler and preschool ballet classes for ages 3-5. These pre-ballet classes teach ballet foundations—as well as offering the benefits described above! Each of our classes is taught by a highly experienced ballet instructor. Learn more about our toddler and preschool ballet program by clicking the button below.