Teaching ballet classes in Utah is no new career for Central Utah Ballet owner and artistic director, Jennie Creer-King. Before opening Central Utah Ballet, Jennie served as Principal of the Barbara Barrington-Jones Ballet West Academy in Lehi, Utah, helping to grow the Academy from 47 students to over 500 students. 

Before her work at the Barbara-Barrington-Jones Ballet West Academy in Lehi, Jennie owned and operated another ballet school, also located in Utah, called Classical Ballet Academy. This school was the recipient of many awards and notoriety, including the Youth American Ballet Competition “Best School Award” and Utah’s “Best of State” in Choreography and Youth Performing Group.

Utah is a Mecca for Dance

For as small as Utah is, it’s often surprising to outsiders that we have such a rich culture of dance here. Not only do we have a top-tier ballet company, but we also have the nation’s first repertory dance company, the first school of ballet at an American University, and the world’s largest ballroom dance program. It’s Utah’s history of love and appreciation for the arts that contributes to these milestones.

We Love the Commitment of the Dancers

One of the reasons we love teaching ballet classes in Utah is because of the amazing dancers. Utah ballet dancers are no stranger to hard work and commitment. We know that when ballet dancers in Utah join our classes—especially our company ballet classes—they will be committed to coming to class and practicing and performing their very best.

There’s a Higher Level is Competition in Utah Ballet Schools

Let’s face it—ballet classes in Utah are offered everywhere. With dance studios on virtually every corner, home studios, online classes, and more, practically anyone and everyone has the option to dance ballet—if they want to. That means the environment in Utah for dancers and studios alike is competitive.

Studios have to offer the best quality of dance instructors, curriculum, choreography, and mentorship to succeed in Utah’s competitive environment. Conversely, ballet dancers have to work harder to stand out and prove themselves in competitive recreational, competitive, scholastic, and collegiate programs.

There are Lots of Opportunities to Dance

Another reason we love teaching ballet in Utah is because there are so many dance opportunities here. From scholarships at prestigious University ballet programs to opportunities to dance with Ballet West, our amazing Utah-based ballet company, Utah is alive with opportunities to further a ballet career.

Utah loves the arts, which means there are plentiful dancing opportunities available. Not only do students have many opportunities to dance with great ballet academies, but they also have many opportunities for performances, competitions, scholarships, and more.

Utah has Great Ballet Instructors

Because of all the reasons listed above, Utah is also rich with wonderful ballet instructors. This is where many phenomenal dancers get their start, so it’s often where they pursue their careers or return after their careers are through. We are so lucky to have highly-experienced ballerinas who have danced all over the world and are settling down in Utah to teach. It means our students are getting top-tier ballet education while also truly getting the “inner knowledge” of those dancers who have “been there, done that.”

Why do you love dancing in Utah?

We love teaching ballet classes in Utah, but why do you love dancing here? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author

Jennie Creer-King

Owner & Artistic Director

Jennie Creer-King is the owner and artistic director of Central Utah Ballet Academy. She is an award-winning dancer, instructor, and choreographer. Among her awards include “Best School Award” by the Youth American Grand Prix, “Best of State” in Choreography and Youth Performing Group, and the Presidential Scholar’s Teacher Recognition Award. Jennie has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah School of Dance with an emphasis in Ballet Performance and a Master's Degree from the University of Utah School of Dance emphasis in teaching pedagogy and choreography.

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