A summer ballet intensive is something of a rite of passage for ballet dancers. It is held during the standard break from traditional schools during the summer and often lasts a few weeks. These programs include daily rigorous and demanding dance training that fully immerse students in the art. Classical Utah Ballet offers two summer ballet intensives (Pre-Professional and Children’s) along with day camps for younger dancers (ages 3-6). 

What are the Benefits of a Summer Ballet Intensive?

These courses are called “intensive” for a reason: they are a series of dedicated and specialized classes that challenge and guide students towards ballet proficiency. Designed to make a space for the singular purpose of studying dance, they offer a glimpse into the world of a professional dancer, where their daily life and practice is dedicated to dance. 


Discipline is required for strength training, too. Summer ballet intensives challenge and improve strength, flexibility, and muscle memory, which leads to improved technique. Dancers are required to be flexible and strong, and it takes sincere dedication to make it look effortless and graceful. A summer ballet intensive is somewhat akin to a boot camp in that regard: with singular focus, you are training your body to dance.

These days may be challenging, but the reward is worth the effort. Adherence to a static regimen also requires discipline, which is the only way to hone your craft. Our Pre-Professional Summer Intensive Schedule has four classes that rigorously train and fully immerse students in ballet dance. The summer intensive culminates in a final performance so that all your hard work may be recognized. 

Complete Immersion

Offered during the summer months when distractions are at a minimum, summer ballet intensives are about complete immersion in your dance training, a necessity for pre-professional and aspiring dancers. Being completely encompassed by the art includes receiving quality instruction, building strength, and training alongside peers who are similarly engaged. This lends itself to building a network of colleagues who will encourage and support you as you continue in your dance career. 

Final Thoughts

A summer ballet intensive is an enduring and memorable experience, and for some, considered to be one of the most valuable parts of your dance education. As a youth in the world of dancing, there is no other time that you can completely give yourself over to dancing and dancing alone without other large obligations competing for your time.