This summer, Chrysalis ballet had the opportunity to perform in the 33rd Florence Dance Festival. Since 1989, the Florence Dance Festival has promoted dance by representing international shows, producing avente-garde choreography, organizing professional training, and creating events for dance lovers of all ages.

Their performance, choreographed by Shani Robison, was titled “Obscured,” and was danced to “Clouds, the Mind on the (Re)Wind” by Ezio Bosso. The piece was also performed in theĀ Palm Desert Choreographic Festival. Enjoy this performance in the video below.


Choreographed by Shani Robison


Morgan Morley (soloist), Brenna Bartholomew, Hannah Argyle, Natalie Schott, Brooklynn Burbidge Smith, Emma Kruitbosch, Ally Taylor, Sicily Redd, Devin Larsen, Elise Wood.