Starting your child in ballet classes  at an early age will do wonders for their confidence, physical coordination, and posture. Ballet is also a holistic approach to life-long wellness for children, it also builds social skills, as well as mental strength and focus. We are going to list 5 main reasons what ballet does for a young child. 

Confidence In Ballet 

Ballet plays a huge part in building your child’s confidence. They learn how to control their bodies, and socialize with other students. Young dancers will learn how to conquer new dance moves and become more certain of their ability to apply themselves, work hard, and master the hard tasks put before them. Learning new dance moves is a hard and daunting task, and moving your body in ways it hasn’t moved before is difficult! So being able to accomplish the difficult dance move will do wonders for your child’s confidence!

Health And Well-Being 

Along with learning how to properly strengthen their body, ballet teaches kids the basic ways to stay healthy. In ballet class they will learn how to stretch properly, flexibility practices, they will also learn how to discover physical limits and learn when their body is telling them “no”  they can’t move that way just yet. It is so important that kids learn their limitations at a young age so they can avoid injury and establish healthy habits in ballet. 

Lifelong Skills 

Putting your child in ballet will teach them how to properly socialize. Putting them in group lessons is a great way to learn how to be a team player, by encouraging others, telling your fellow ballet classmates that they’re doing a great job! Ballet has been shown to encourage empathy and better connections with others due to the synchronicity that is learned. Starting ballet at an early age will help motivate kids to stay active throughout their adult life. 

Brain Development 

Learning different routines and having to memorize all of the different movies in ballet is great for your child’s brain development and their mental strength. Ballet requires memory training and coordination. This will help them when it comes to their school work, and having to memorize words, and numbers. Creative movement is beneficial to a child’s growth and development through dancing, it will awaken their inner creativity.

Discipline And Structure 

Having rules to follow outside of the home is a great skill for your child to learn! They will use these skills all throughout their life. These skills include:

  • Listening 
  • Following Directions
  • Not Talking Over The Dance Teacher 
  • Taking Turns 
  • Sitting Or Standing Still 
  • Learning Manners

Final Thoughts 

Here at Central Utah Ballet, we offer classes starting for young children and adults (it’s never too late to challenge yourself as an adult and learn new things) We can help your child develop into a great young dancer and carry on the skillsets into their young adult lives.